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Our primary goal is to help local not for profits improve their technological presence, level of implementation and overall efficiency. After just one conversation with us, we're sure to impress.

any time support

Forget 48 hour response times... You can rest assured, we'll respond to any inqury within 6 hours. It's one of our goals to make the world a better, more sound place - and that doesn't happen while you're on hold!

unique perspective

We can think like a consumer and think like a startup - all the while helping you understand what's really important to your customers. We know what the customer is expecting, and can help you get there.

What We Offer

A Few Quick Points

idea creation

We place value in our ability to conceptualize, design and help implement new internal and external products / services. What can we help you create?

corporate branding

Corporate branding can make or break a company. We understand what goes into a success story, and are fully equipped to take you there! Even the most recognized brands have undergone transitions - let's talk about effectively communicating your message!

best in quality

Not only were we the first, we pride ourselves in being the best. We love the trend we've set of companies offering Technological Innovation as a Service, and know we can out perform the companies we've inspired.

you come first

  • Minimal Travel

    We'll come to you! Schedule with us, and we'll be sure not to disappoint.

  • It's our passion

    We love helping people like you succeed! We've never worked with an ill-spirited not for profit.

  • We're Flexible

    We can schedule weeks and even months in advance, to better suit your needs. Conversely, we can schedule same-day introductions and meetings.

  • We'll Adapt!

    Even if we're half-way through a project, we can adapt to prioritize your most pressing hurdles.

  • We're Responsible

    We are here to help, nearly any time! We'll go above and beyond to meet your needs. We'll sign an NDA, and a Non-Compete.

  • Request a Consult

    Curious to see how we work? Let's discuss where we can help!

  • Give us a call!

    You can reach our founder directly at 1(513)545-3118

  • Leave a message

    If we don't answer, we'll get back to you within 6 business hours!

think about

The Competitive Edge

We continue to forecast HUGE trends:

On average, over two years ahead of their release...

Why to choose us
  • Apple's AirPods
  • Micro-Investing Platform (Angel List's "Republic")
  • Stylus Compatible Mouse-pads (Apple)
  • Coffee Flavored Peanut M&M's
  • MSI Eye Tracking Laptop
  • Magic Leap
  • Tesla's "Summon" Feature
  • Panasonic's Transparent TV
  • Force Touch
  • Smart Watch
  • Spare Car Rental (RelayRides / Turo)

Used by HUGE corporations...

We have a track record of being "on-point" with more than just innovative products!

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